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USFR is a proud member of the Canadoil family of companies, with more than 40 years of experience in steel forging

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The USA's only integrated One-Stop-Shop Manufacturer of Offshore Wind Towers and Steel Forgings

USFR's investment for the
U.S. Offshore Wind industry supply chain 

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Once operational in Q1 2026, the wind tower factory will produce 100 fully coated towers annually with maximum diameter of 35 ft. From inception, the facility is designed to be expandable up to 40 ft. diameters and 200 towers annually. The factory will have direct access to a wharf in order to ship out large tower sections to staging ports. It will also produce tubulars required in many floating designs as well as for substation jacket structures. 

A fully integrated coating and metalizing line, as well as internals installation halls ensure finished towers ship out without need for further processing before loading out for operation in the ocean.

With a planned start of commercial production by Q1 2027, USFR will be the first facility of its kind in the USA and Europe. The factory will be capable of rolling rings up to

49 ft. in diameter, supplying fully finished machined and coated flanges up to 40 ft. in diameter with weights in excess of 41 metric tons (91,000 lbs.). The new factory will have a covered area of more than 45,000 square meters (450,000 sq. ft.), enabling the complete production cycle without relying on external subcontractors. Additionally, soft machined forged rings can be supplied to bearings manufacturers for production of yaw rings, pitch bearings, main shaft bearings and other components.  

Image courtesy of Pemamek 

Image courtesy of Pemamek 

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US Forged Rings Inc. will dedicate most of its production capacity to support offshore wind projects by producing fully finished towers. Our One-Stop-Shop concept with 2 co-located facilities will include production of very large diameter flanges required to connect tower sections. Starting from poured ingots, our production process, fully executed in-house, will output finished flanges ready for final integration in wind power projects. 

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Our forging facility will have sufficient capacity to support not only USFR's tower production but also other tower manufacturers in the USA, both for onshore and offshore towers. Additionally, large forged rings can be used by bearings manufacturers, heavy machinery, tunnel boring, mining, shipping and other.


More exciting new information will be available soon in our full website, currently under construction. USFR is a proud member of the Canadoil family of companies, with more than 40 years of experience in steel forging.



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